About Us

FamilyHello and welcome!  We are the Unrau family;  Derek, Cheryl, Alexa and Mason

We love to “do family” with: music, gardening, bird watching, lego, baking, farm life, church life, hanging out with family and friends, listening to Adventures in Odyssey and Lamplighter Theatre, consuming coffee, ice skating and snow fort creation.

  • Funniest family moment:  trying to sing 4 part harmony during dinner
  • Not-so-funny family moment:  becoming stuck in a snowbank during a January blizzard
  • Favourite family treat:  warm cinnamon buns with caramel sauce and coffee
  • Favorite foods:   Mason – Taco salad;  Alexa – BBQ ribs;  Mom – A loaded baked potato;  Dad – Homemade buns with fresh vegetable soup (vegetables from the garden of course)

Please feel free to explore our blog.  We would enjoy your company as we journey to Africa.

Unrau family