It’s been a while

Hello blog readers,

It has been a good long while since we’ve connected on this space.  Thank you for your patience with us.

If the last six months could be contained in a book, we would have been writing the climax for our plot.  As in all good stories of life, there are seasons where the intensity of the battle simply calls for survival mode and the past months have been about sustaining our family.

As part of recognizing our need for care, we returned to our home country (Canada) for the Christmas season where we were welcomed by God’s blanket of a winter wonderland, family and friends.

The good news?  A promise of God!

Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.
Psalm 126:5 (NIV)

We are so blessed and praise Him knowing that He is good, all the time!  Amen and amen.

Friends, If you are in a season of sorrow, pain, or testing, we pray that the fire of your trial may purify you as gold.  May you be blessed deeply for your steadfastness.  May God give you a glimpse of your prize as you battle.  May the Lord place people around you who speak words of life. May the lies of the enemy be bound and cut off, and may you have clear vision so that you may be purposeful in your calling. May you taste the richness of your obedience and may you know the abundance of faithful life in Christ.  Be mighty in Him.

To play a little bit of catch-up, here are a bunch of random photos we’d like to share. 

Pinewood Derby – Unique Design Award

Home for Christmas

I’m not sure who won.

Always time for wrestling with the kids.

Hauling pigs with Grandpa

Night time skate.  What a beautiful night.

Alexa’s snow angel.

Great time ice fishing.

Nothing like a Manitoba skyline.

Lunch in Montreal.  On the way back to Kenya.

When in Montreal, eat poutine.

Alexa won her PE class doubles tournament.

Exploring caves, with a lot of bats.  The smell got pretty strong.

Hiking Mt. Suswa.  This was our guide.

This 4′ Boomslang fell into a deep sleep after our Bongo snake handler (one of our boys) took care of business.   He was in the bushes just outside the dorm/house.

The orientation of the moon throws us every time.

Alexa headed to banquet.

Watching Sunday afternoon touch rugby.  Mason is one of the guys in the red shirt.