Here we go…

Dear Reader, we hope and pray that this blog finds you well and in a beautiful season of life.

If you have noticed our silence on the blog front, it’s because we have been deliberately seeking rest.  Thank you for your patience as we’ve been recharging our batteries.

Our second year of serving as Dorm Parents is underway and we are so happy to receive the boys back into Bongo dorm as tenth graders (we have been asked, “Do you have the same boys?”  The answer is, “Yes”… plus 2 new boys).  Many boys returned on the tail end of growth spurts as it seemed they sprouted a few inches and now sport facial hair.

I must interject at this point and mention that the wonderful world of growth and facial hair is quite a novelty to a tenth grader.  Though I myself cannot relate to this phenomenon, I have come upon extraordinary reactions as boys express all manner of celebration over this literal growth (I think some may even consider this spiritual growth –  it is highly esteemed.).

Apart from enjoying the growth and development of teenagers, during our break we took inventory of our hearts and surveyed if we were still anchored to our call from the Lord to “do family”.  It’s the perfect time to look back because, as in all callings, we need to pause every now and again and make sure that we are still on course and not distracted from our purpose.

We love how the Lord uses our present circumstances to deepen our hearts’ desire and validate our calling and passion to serve Him.  This is where we find ourselves:  Still loving family.  Still loving the call of Dorm Parents.  Still about God’s business.

HE is good.  May God affirm your calling, and may you find yourself loving and investing into your Kingdom’s purpose more and more every day.  Be blessed as you seek Him!

Here are a few photos of us exploring Kenya: