Cold and Wet

Greetings from cool and wet Kijabe!

Depending on the state of your local weather, “cool and wet ” either sounds inviting or not so much.  We have been told that this is an unusually long rainy season and that the weather has surpassed and set new records for rain accumulated.  The last couple of months have brought rain almost every day, bringing more than 25 inches.

We have found it interesting that staff and students struggle with the same feelings of weariness and depression that many Northern dwellers encounter during the long and dark winter months.

To help boost morale on campus, our Principal approved an idea brought forth by one of our Committees and declared a “Warm Winter Wednesday” this past week.  Dress code became: Winter attire.  Needless to say, these Canadians had no trouble acquiring items to celebrate this impromptu day of “celebration” (Alexa was all too happy to haul out her mittens and bulky sweater).

Though the rain does keep us house-locked at times, we’ve been trying to make the most of it.  We have been having some fun with the local fruit and have made strawberry, mango and fig jam (if you raised your eyebrows at “fig jam”, imagine something like the consistency of apple butter.  Tastes similar because we add cinnamon and nutmeg.  Quite yummy.).

The cool days also give us all the excuse we need to build a fire in the evenings.  This is a highlight for the dorm boys too.  The indoor temperature is between 10-15 degrees celsius, it is most acceptable to bring a blanket along with a stack of textbooks and park next to the fireplace!

Rugby season is upon us and we are trying to decide if more injuries are incurred from ice hockey or rugby… hmmm… the jury is still out on that one.  We must say though – ice hockey is to Canadians what rugby is to Africans, so we appreciate being part of this cultural experience.

(More photos at the end of the blog)

We’ve been a bit watchful of the monkeys again.  Since the loquat trees around Bongo dorm are blossoming and showing fruit, the little mischief makers have been running across the roof,  jumping from tree to tree, perching on branches to nibble, and even scampering across the front porch.  Never thought I’d hear myself say these words, “Yes, you may go out and chase the monkeys.”  Who knew?!  When in Africa…

Thanks for thinking of us, be blessed!

Enjoy more photos of our everyday life. 🙂

Sometimes S’mores over a candle can make homework go quicker.

A taste of home with Poutine for supper.  The Fanta Black Currant makes this meal Kenyan.

Birthday supper with a couple of guys.  Traditional pizza for birthdays.

The weekly run into Nairobi for the school brought a lot of things back on this trip.