Life Through the Lens

Greetings blog readers!  We thought, perhaps, you would enjoy a glimpse into some of the routines and sites we enjoy here at Rift Valley Academy (RVA), Kijabe.

Monkeys, oh the monkeys.  True story:

Monkeys and baboons are curious.  For the most part you observe them (perhaps even with interest) from a distance, but every now and again they become a big nuisance.  This past week we WATCHED monkeys climb a tree to the top branches, reach out, grasp and pull open a window that was slightly ajar, climb in AND… (YES, we ran up the steps and notified the people within that multiple monkeys were breaking bread in the upper room) trouble.  It just so happened to be the dorm for high school girls and (in their dorm dad’s words), “they trashed the place”.   Monkey droppings in the hall, trash cans dumped out, items missing etc.

Bongo dorm.  Home to the Unrau family and grade 9 boys.

Our view of the Great Rift Valley, it always gives us cause to stop and enjoy one of the wonders of God.

Meet Joseph.  We give him credit for caring for the creation around Bongo dorm.  The trees, bushes, flower beds and soil thrive under his tender loving care (Joseph also taught me how to make the perfect cup of Kenyan chai).

Chapel time.  Pictured here is Derek speaking to the student body (approximately 500 students).

Snack time.  Omelettes/Eggs are a dorm favourite.  We will usually crack a minimum of 3 dozen eggs.  Pizza is also a big hit.

Meet Joyce.  She runs one of the shops in Kijabe.  She is very creative and does excellent and intricate bead work. 

Making the trip back to campus after shopping at the market.

Enjoying Bongo boys at their soccer/football game.

This is our Caring Community Group.  It is similar to the idea of a Small Group.  Derek and I have the honour of hosting these 10th grade girls. 

No blog would be complete without a bit of Bongo Dorm craziness…