Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya!

We have been so blessed by your prayers as we departed our Canadian home and arrived at our African one.  Your hugs and well wishes will be long lasting as we file those memories in our hearts.

Our travel experience went really well and all of our luggage arrived safely and *almost* soundly.

Alexa and Mason pre-departure.  

If you are a ‘first impression’ kind of person, you should know that Africa makes a good one.  Its people wear hospitality on their sleeve and nothing is too much trouble.

We are country/prairie folk by nature, so our eyes take in the soil, the foliage and the sky.  The ground favours red, trees and leaves are everything from tropical to pine-like, prey-bird silhouettes soar the sky and small birds of colour or long tails linger closer to the ground.

Though this is considered winter, the weather would be comparable to those first summer days on the prairie:  Really warm sun coupled with cool air.  It’s very refreshing.

The Mayfield Guesthouse received us after our arrival.  A lovely retreat, intended to provide reprieve to missionaries.  The staff here are all men and each one the servant of all.  The idea behind the Guesthouse is to allow for us to transition through the jet lag and prepare for Africa Based Orientation (ABO).  Since travel took us close to a grand total of 30 hours, with much luggage in tow, we couldn’t ask for a better gift than the rest this home provides.

Mayfield Guesthouse

One thing we have quickly become accustomed to is chai.  Mason is probably our most regular consumer of this African tea (who knew, right?!).

When the dinner triangle rings and we come upon the dining room, it feels like we are standing on Holy Ground.  It is an honour to be seated among so many missionaries.  All with call and purpose blazing the trail onto the mission field.

Today, after a few days of rest and mingling, we agreed to an impromptu field trip to the Giraffe Centre and the Baby Elephant Sanctuary.  Mason was the adventurous one and allowed the giraffe to pluck food right from his mouth.

Already, the Lord has raised friendship.  Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever is the solid rock and ultimate common ground that surpasses borders and boundaries.  From Canada, USA, and Brazil, our group will disperse throughout Kenya, to Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique following our ABO.

A perk to living in a home with so many others, is that Mason and Alexa always have companions ready to hang out.

Here is Mason with Nathan and Katie.  Their father is a Neurosurgeon.  We think that is so cool.  

That is not a tan line.  This is a picture of feet following a game of frisbee.

God is good.  We are humbled that He shares all of His goodness with us.

O LORD, how manifold are your works! In wisdom have you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

Psalm 104:24