How Can We Even

You ran into us at church and handed over a cheque.
You left a donation at the front counter.
Your piggy bank held child-like bills and change, and you shared it.
Your savings consisted of your summer earnings, you decided to donate it all.
You love to bless many missionaries, now you include us.
You don’t even live in our province, but choose to support our family.
Your prayers already meant so much, now you share your finances too.
You could use the money yourself, but were compelled to give.
You have made a commitment to care for us, even while caring for your own family.
You sent it in the mail.
You sent it electronically.
You sent it along with a family member.
You don’t know us very well, but you believe in the cause.
You came on board so quickly, long before our departure.
You apologized that it wasn’t more, we were speechless at what it was.
You were stretched to give, but gave anyway.
You pledged to give. For the long haul.
You have gifted us so much, and gifted us once more.

We see.

If you knew the tears we share at home when we see your name on the pledge.
If you saw our children moved at your giving.
If you realized that your finances not only boosted our pie chart, but our spirits.
If you could grasp that change from a piggy bank is like pebbles to an avalanche.
If you ever wondered, “Why bother?”  We know why.

You have let God humble our hearts, enlarge our faith and increase our wonder.

How can we even express our gratitude? When Jesus died on the cross, all we could do was receive his love and say thanks, knowing we have done absolutely nothing to deserve such a gift.

Family of God, you have given us a great gift of love. We do not deserve your generosity. All we know to do is open our hearts and receive it with thanks.