Everyday Extraordinary…

While so many of you have loved on us by blessing God’s call for our family, we have loved watching God work out his calling through you.  Hugs to you, precious family of God.  Keep thriving, we’ve got a kingdom to build.

It happened one evening, while sipping my tea
That a 911 call inspired me.
A room full of women all groomed and purse clad,
Crafts, games, sharing and snacks to be had,
Were halted abruptly and frozen in place
When she bolted, we hushed, and watched her race.
An alarm had sounded, she knew the drill,
Firefighters have big shoes to fill.
She gained the hall exit in record time
(I know for a fact that no heel of mine
could render me swifter than how that girl
managed to sprint all decked out in pearls.).
This set me to thinking of God’s call on my life;
My role as a mother, caregiver, wife.
I shifted my gaze from inward to out
Questing for what “a call” is about,
Those passions that move us, stir us to action
And pull at the heart strings with such an affection.
The God of creation opened my eyes
To see his handiwork, one of a kind.
His children placed, purposed and planned,
Each one deliberately selected by hand,
To be a part of His kingdom’s work;
The polished, the grimy, the blue collared shirt.

I saw farmer hours – awake through the night
Coaxing cows to bring forth new life

A family that moves to live life at Camp
(To get there you may need to haul out a map)

The teacher that knows the source of true joy
And prays for her class, each girl and each boy

The one who loves horses
And joined the armed forces

An avid book reader
The library’s keeper

The death of a parent, the loss of a friend
You grieved with hope when life met its end

The homeschool mom
The girl shopping for prom

The teen boy that’s driving
His social life thriving

Baby boomer retired
A job that’s expired

Uncle and Aunt with basement suite
(Next time we drop by, we’ll stay the whole week)

The mentors that seek for hearts to fill
The lady at Costco who paid for my bill

Peeling potatoes at racer-speed pace
Serving up helpings with God-given grace

Man in the back, patting thigh with joy
and loves to listen to “Oak Ridge Boys”

The family that served us a supper of steak
Girls baking up a batch of cupcakes

The neighbour that lives just 2 miles away
Has fresh cinnamon buns for my birthday

The mother whose family is learning to thrive
And preparing to welcome baby #5

My stylist who taught me how to cut hair
(For your patience, my dear, no gift will compare!!)

The father instructing his son how to run
While herding bulls, “Don’t worry, it’s fun!”

The family preparing to start country livin’
(You’re about to inherit many a kitten!)

Girls that are “Pro’s” at making her day
A sleepover goes such a long, long way

The leader, the shepherd, anointed Pastor
It’s inspiring to watch how you lean on the Master

The singer that quilts, maintaining her pitch
While carefully learning to sew in the ditch

Lady with laughter like childhood fun
Bubbles and sidewalk chalk soaking the sun

Sitting beside me and bearing a scar
How cherished, precious, and loved you are

A young man that’s drumming
Another one strumming

The sower who seeds
The one who pulls weeds

Bus driver, photographer, musician, friend
The coffee you make is the perfect blend

Silver haired and wise
God’s love in your eyes

Friends that host players
The future “Hall of famers”

The transplant revealing
That baby is healing

The friend that gives ear
Reminding Jesus is near

A large family, now grown
Much love you have shown

It goes without saying at the heart of it all,
That when you’re compelled to live out a call,
Abide in His love, His Spirit will show
The way to turn, which direction to go.
As life’s season needs you to gather up nerve,
Take heart, warrior, it’s Jesus you serve.
When your pager sounds with a call that’s coming,
Don’t look back at the crowd, just hit the ground running.



Photo courtesy of:  Daughter of the King, Wife, Mother, Firefighter