We’ve had an exciting month as we have begun acquiring items to fill our home in Kijabe, Kenya.  Since many of you have inquired, we will do our best to elaborate:

A portion of our fundraising will go toward setting up our home at RVA.  Thanks to the good folks  at Rift Valley Academy, they are already on the look-out for us and we have been able to speak up for a number of used items that will outfit our home.

Yes, we will live as a family in a house that is attached to a dorm.  Yes, our children will live with us (feel free to smile at that.  At times we’ve had to clarify that we are moving WITH our children!).

An interesting challenge has been mentally grouping which items to take along.  We are doing our best to speculate at what Mason’s rate of growth will be over the next 3 years and how to adequately supply his wardrobe (stretchy pants with extendable hems anyone???).  It’s been a good exercise to survey what it means to live simply.  Want to test yourself?  Create a list of items that you NEED for your health and well being.  You may surprise yourself!  We are learning about ourselves and what God has planted in us.  There are definitely items that contribute to our spiritual gifts and growth, and a surprising amount of stuff that is just baggage!

The days are flying by and they are full of preparation.  Thank you, beautiful family of God, for seeing to our needs.  Hugs to you all for your sincere inquiries about the status of our hearts.  Thank you for bearing the burden of weariness with us, for already shedding tears and for your compassionate words of comfort.

A bit of business and a word about fundraising:

A month and a half left.  This is a bit of a final curtain call as we need to shift from preparation to departure mode.  All of our funds must be raised or pledged before our planned departure in very early July (part of fulfilling any call is being prepared and equipped).  With that in mind, we must be given financial clearance a number of weeks prior to this date.  If the Lord has prompted you to give towards this ministry, we gratefully welcome your support before the end of May.

Love you much,

Derek, Cheryl, Alexa and Mason