Seeking to Serve

Yup, it’s January.  

Since the calendar flipped over to 2017 we’ve been facing the exciting (and sobering) thought that we are moving in 6 months.  While we don’t wish to make things heavy, the aches and pains associated with the good-bye’s that await are starting to set in.  Alongside the transition we are still plugging away at school, fundraising and trying to stay connected.  Life will be full and busy until departure.

Since our future plans include us moving to a warm climate zone, we’ve been taking this season in stride by allowing ourselves to be amused at the extreme weather we’ve had this year.

The weather has spurred on a thought:  How does a person accustomed to extreme cold (well, as accustomed as one can be to extreme cold) prepare for life in Kenya, Africa?

Believe it or not, this is difficult for us to wrap our heads around.  Much of our life here in Manitoba is weather dependant.  We sing of a “White Christmas” because the snow is enchanting.  We enjoy a walk in the winter wonderland because the crunch of cold powder beneath mammoth boots is invigorating.  We build forts, skate on outdoor rinks, sled down steep slopes and snowmobile on trails to take in the beauty of crystallized nature.

It’s odd to imagine life without this because it is a constant for life here.

We are doing our best to look at the Creator.  As much as we love the sparkle of snow, we recognize that this is only one aspect of His goodness.  We anticipate that He will reveal more of Himself to us as we stretch our borders to take in life of another culture (and climate!).  So yes, we are a little achy knowing that we bid this farewell for a time, but trust His good plan and wait to know Him more as we prepare to move on.

While we are getting ready, we continue to ask for your prayerfulness and financial support.  Even while we stretch, we are infused to serve our Saviour.