Merry Christmas!

We’ve been thinking a lot about joy and all it entails for the season of advent and the coming of Christ.  It began in our hearts a few weeks ago as we began the countdown on the calendar, but the anticipation of the Christ child is starting to sit on us in giddy-like fashion as we wait for Christmas day.

On a recent Sunday one of the preschoolers from our Sunday School arrived early with her family and we enjoyed her banter as we prepared and set up for the service.  Her enthusiasm was positively contagious and I paused to soak in her exuberance.  Between her enchanting giggles and story telling she nearly danced down the aisles, skipped between the seats, ran to her mother for intermittent hugs and filled us in about the ride to church from the backseat of a van.  She was in the joy zone and I kept thinking “I know just how you feel!”  She expressed it so well.

Right now life is a season of “get ready” and it’s thrilling to have this collide with Christmas!  With hearts already tender from stretching, we have a fondness for all things advent.  What a joy to deliberately remember Christ’s birth in a stable and to prepare for His return.  What a blessing to know He’s a good Father and we are loved.  What a miracle to be part of the redemption story that began in Bethlehem.

May these days of preparation take your breath away.  May your wonder draw you to the stable, and may your joy have you dancing down the aisles.

Christ’s love to you and yours this Christmas.  Merry Christmas and hugs from the Unraus!

Christmas Card