A bit of humour

In seasons of change, we tend to feel the “stretch” aspect of Isaiah 54 to a fuller degree.    As difficult (and painful) as stretching can be, we know we are in good company.  Queen Esther must have trembled before approaching the throne room, the Israelites posed a few questions before entering the Promised Land, and Mary possibly speculated what the neighbours would say when she conceived the Christ child by the Holy Spirit.  Stretch and trust.

No doubt, stretching is part of growing.  A time of preparation before the promise.  Just as God raised Mordecai to encourage Esther, Moses to lead the Israelites, and Elizabeth to edify Mary, God used our children to bring reprieve to our household and remind us to keep perspective.  Thankful for moments (and children!) that remind us to enjoy the simple things of life. (The following is a true story recorded by Cheryl, as told by our children after finishing chores).

A bit of humour…. because a little chuckle goes a long way

Today our children decided to hold “church” in the barn.  I think the thing which prompted this decision was our promiscuous rooster, “Archie”.  They liken him to Solomon… many wives.

Archie the Rooster
Archie the Rooster a.k.a. Solomon

Mason has appointed himself as an ordained minister and intends to hold a wedding ceremony tomorrow.  I’m not sure whom the lucky hen will be, but I’m sure Mason will have that covered.  Arranged marriages tend to work out for the best.

While preaching to the cats, one feline exercised his authority and stood up during the middle of the sermon.  Alexa rolled with it and deemed it the perfect time to “get up and greet your neighbour.”

Greet your neighbour time

Since music is so powerful, Mason wrote a hymn for the congregation: “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!” (Key signatures do not apply.  Transpose as necessary).  However, due to the short attention span of our kitten population, it needed to be sung quickly.  Alexa has decided to move the kittens into a children’s choir, where their needs will be met thoroughly.

Our dog is the Senior Pastor.  Of course.

Pastor Shadow
Pastor Shadow

When “Shadow” is unavailable, the Assistant Pastor, “Walter” (our black pygmy goat), may fill in.  The rest of the elder board consists of “Eddie” (the other goat) and “Blackgaard” (named after our passion for Adventures in Odyssey).  We appreciate the “tuxedo look” of our elders (all elders are adorned with black and/or white fur).  Occasionally barn church is posh like that.

Assistant Pastor Walter
Assistant Pastor Walter
Elder Eddie
Elder Blackgaard

“Oreo” (the rabbit) prefers to lead worship.

Worship Leader Oreo
Worship Leader Oreo

Our three stray cats are away on missions.

Dead mice are used to set the example of where sin will lead you. (Photo deleted)

The hens have decided to tithe their eggs.

The tithe
The tithe

Baby chicks will join the kittens to make up the “Little Peeps” children’s choir.

Little Peeps choir members
Little Peeps choir members

I think that about covers it.  A day in the life.

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