Let the Journey Begin

Conveying the details describing a call from the Lord can be as daunting as explaining how to sew a garment to a non-seamstress: “Well, you begin with a bolt of fabric… knit or cotton… selvage edge… watch the grain line… measure twice, cut once… pin it… seam allowance… baste it… don’t forget the darts… wrong sides together… serge“.  Following a plethora of instructions, a garment is produced for the exact specifications and needs of the model.

To those who belong to the sewing world, the terms make perfect sense and overlooking any one of the steps could render the garment unwearable.  For the one who does not sew, “watch the grain line” could mean the GPS misfired while seeding wheat and “baste it” is something you do to a turkey.

Such is God’s handiwork.

Following a series of life changing events, we came to know the Holy Spirit and recognize His way with us.  We gave chase to God and over time began to make sense of the path He was blazing for us.  Our journey to Africa was not revealed to us at the onset, we just fixed our eyes on Jesus and followed his lead.  And in fact, He pruned us before he grew us.

Now at the threshold of this change, the most confirming words we’ve received have been, “I’m not surprised”  or “that makes so much sense” from friends and family.  Because, praise God, invested time with Jesus should produce a garment that fits us perfectly.

Let the journey begin…